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Ramona Quimby is a pest. So... why do we *love* her? Ramona is an icon who helps kids understand the things we can't control like family dynamics and classroom rules. She also teaches us to speak up and question everything—even grownups.

In this episode of the REMEMBER READING podcast, we'll talk about the Ramona Quimby series and its legendary author, Beverly Cleary, who herself once struggled with reading. Guests Julie Murphy (Dumplin', Dear Sweet Pea), Rita Williams-Garcia (One Crazy Summer, Clayton Byrd Goes Underground), and Dan Yaccarino (Giant Tess, Five Little Pumpkins) join us to talk about Ramona's bold personality and how her pesky relationships with world around her paved the way for them as authors writing popular children's books in today's climate. They'll also talk about the important intricacies of coming of age books, their own complex characters and why its important to write about ordinary, relatable situations—something Beverly Cleary does so, so well.

In this episode of the REMEMBER READING podcast, we talk about Beverly Cleary’s resistance to reading and how The Mouse and the Motorcycle was created for reluctant readers like her former self. Tune in as we talk with Leslie Connor, author of the acclaimed kids book, The Truth as Told By Mason Buttle, about fantasy, writing, alternative education, and how in some cases, the thing that inhibits us most can turn out to one day be our biggest strength.